ElasticInbox Version 0.4.0 Released

We are pleased to announce next major release with many new features.


Here’s the list of major changes in version 0.4.0:

Full list of changes, source and binary packages are available here.


When upgrading from 0.3.0:

  • Config file syntax has changed
  • REST API v1 is no longer available

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release!

ElasticInbox Version 0.3 Released

Our team is pleased to announce the first release since project was open sourced – version 0.3.

Here’s the list of major changes:

  • New REST API v2
  • Better LMTP implementation which uses Netty and Apache James Protocols
  • Better design for Cassandra Counters CF
  • BLOB compression
  • New REST API for counters recalculation
  • many other bugfixes

For the full list, see Changes. Binary package is available from Downloads section.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release!

Slides and video from Cassandra London meetup

Thanks to all organizers and participants of Cassandra London meetup!

This presentation provides a quick overview of ElasticInbox design and some stats form production system.

Video podcast:

Presentation slides: